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And just like that….

I am back on deck. The generous and lovely Elizabeth from the gorgeous House of Cloth has allowed me to use her teaching space for classes.

I’m just a little bit excited about this. I hope you are too. It means I can provide classes for whatever you want to learn in the way of sewing and general crafty goodness.

A couple of classes already held  have been We Can Sew! for people learning to sew from ages 10 to 14.

The very popular Sewcial Evenings on Wednesday and Thursday are so much fun. People get to make whatever they want and I am there to lend a hand if needed. Some just come because it is cheaper than therapy.


The latest timetable will be up soon. Along with it, my new booking system using We Teach Me. This will enable everyone to see the upcoming classes, the cost and the requirements, then be able to book online. Easier for all of us.

Righto off to do some more editing of websites, blogs and social media.

Cheers K

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