A to Z of Craft. Brought to you today by the letter D

Brought to you today by the letter C.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through The Craft Companion Book by Ramona Barry and Rebecca Jobson.

I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would write some blog entries using the entries from A to Z.

D is for Dye.


It really should be illegal to have so much fun! Dyeing your own fabric is like a chemistry experiment mixed with crafty goodness. There are so many variable you are never quite sure what it will look like until it is all done.

The above photo is some ice dyeing I did last September while on retreat with my besties.

The one below is my favourite type of dyeing – eco dyeing and eco printing. Wrapped up fallen leaves/branches/twigs in a natural fibre and toss it in a pot. Using eucalyptus is very rewarding and clears the sinuses if you get too close! Add some iron o the pot – different outcome. Premordant the cloth with soy – different result.img_3676

Like I said – a chemistry experiment.

Have you tried this method of dyeing or something different?

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