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A to Z of Craft. Brought to you today by the letter C

Brought to you today by the letter C.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through The Craft Companion Book by Ramona Barry and Rebecca Jobson.

I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would write some blog entries using the entries from A to Z.

C is for Crochet.

Oh the possibilities of Crochet! Flat items like blankets, coasters, rugs and then there are bowls, decorations and toys. Have you crocheted anything? I have been going to crochet class with the adorable Roz here in Bendigo for the last 18 months and although we are supposed to be the class that already knows how to crochet, I have learnt so much. She is so patient with us, and kind when she pulls our messes apart. She does it swiftly like ripping off a bandaid, but before you know it she has fixed the boo boo and you are back on track. During 2016, we made a different square each week. I challenged myself to go home and repeat the square 6 more times in different colours.  So proud of my blanket which I finished on New Year’s Day. Yay me!


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